National Institutes of Natural Sciences

National Institutes of Natural Sciences

National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS)

NINS provides a place for joint usage and joint research to researchers at universities and other institutes nationwide as an international research base in the field of natural sciences that promotes innovative and cutting-edge research by the establishment and operation of inter-university research institutes (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institute for Basic Biology, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, and Institute for Molecular Science) related to space, energy, matter, life, etc. The results of these joint use and joint research are the results of the participating universities and inter-university research institutes, and contribute to strengthening the research capabilities of the universities.

Inter-University Research Institutes

Inter-university research institutes are world-class research institutes that promote leading research on important research issues as centers of excellence (COE) in their respective research fields while maintaining originality and diversity. It is a system of promotion of world class academic research unique to Japan, and it also plays a role as an international core base by promoting cooperation and exchange with overseas research institutes and researchers. Each inter-university research institute has a steering committee and various committees that include external researchers, and operates openly to the researcher community. In addition, in order to facilitate smooth joint use and joint research by university researchers, the system for building institutes, such as management, evaluation, etc. based on the faculty system, medium-term goals and plans, conforms to national university corporations.