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Tangible Research Property and MTA


A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) promotes the appropriate utilization of tangible research property while protecting the intellectual property of the provider.

What is a tangible research property?

It refers to a tangible property with academic and technical value created by a researcher in the process of research. However, discussions, lectures, programs, and other copyrighted works are not covered.

Procedural Flow

  1. When providing deliverables

    In principle, the provision of deliverables to public research institutes is free of charge.
    In principle, there is a charge for providing deliverables to for-profit companies. However, please contact us in advance as some items may be subject to discussion, such as when providing for the purpose of preliminary research to lead to joint research.
    The template of the contract is as follows, but we will respond flexibly by negotiation with the other party.
  2. When receiving deliverables

    We will make a contract for receiving the deliverables.
    Please contact us in advance regarding contracts, etc.


You can download the form from the following.
[PDFWORD](Japanese only)

Contact information:

Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division, Administrative Bureau,
National Institutes of Natural Sciences

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