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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Membership System

What is the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Membership System?

The universe, energy, matter, people, and life These research themes generally constitute a grand research field called "natural science research". The National Institute of Natural Sciences (NINS) is a university joint research institute consisting of five research institutes and four centers that are at the forefront of natural science research. While promoting international and cutting-edge research, we provide a place for joint use and research for researchers nationwide.
NINS has launched the "Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Membership System" with the aim of widely returning intellectual property such as our cutting-edge research results and research technologies to society and contributing to the development of industry and culture around the world. We hope that this system will facilitate co-creation between us researchers and the industry, and will be the cornerstone of the creation of new technologies in the future.

Benefits of the NINS Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Membership System

NINS offers various benefits to improve the service to our members. More benefits will be added in the future. We would appreciate it if you would consider participating in this system.

Joint Research Implementation Support

The NINS Collaborative Innovation Office supports the implementation of wide-ranging joint research with researchers and members including research and development consultations, introduction of our research seeds, matching of researchers who support research, and arrangement of interviews with researchers. In addition, academic consultations*1 are provided (generally costs 20,000 yen per session) to our members free of charge.

Members-Only Custom-Made Support Seminar

We plan and coordinate custom-made seminars *’ to meet the various needs of our members, such as research and development, in-house training, and technology trend surveys. Also, if you register as a member, you can participate in all fee-paid seminars*’ held by NINS free of charge.

Invitation to the Press Briefing with the NINS President

NINS holds a briefing for the press, "NINS President Press Briefing", for the purpose of giving lectures to the press to learn the latest findings and basic scientific knowledge (3 ~ 4 times a year).

Invitation to technical training and study group

NINS' five research institutes hold various technical training courses, study groups, seminars*2 and many more every year. We will pick up and introduce recommended items according to the needs of our members. Free Registration (Note: Transportation expenses should be borne by respective participants.)

*1 There is a limit to the number of times of use and the number of users.
*2 Actual costs such as material costs may be charged separately.

View the leaflet of the industry-academia-government collaboration membership system(Japanese only)

Basic Information

Membership Fee, Etc.

100,000 yen per year (All the membership fees received will be used for the operation of the membership system)

Admission Procedure

Please fill in the required items on the "Membership Application Form" and apply by e-mail or fax to the Research Support Section, Liaison and Planning Division, NINS.

Contact Information:

Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division, Administrative Bureau,
National Institutes of Natural Sciences

Email: nins-sangaku★ (Please change ★ to @.)