Project Details

Joint Research between Industries and the Academia

Joint Research

This is a research conducted by researchers of NINS and researchers of companies, etc. on an equal footing on common issues based on a contract.

Research Mode

Research conducted by NINS by accepting researchers and research expenses from companies Research conducted by NINS by accepting researchers, research expenses, etc. from companies, etc., and sharing them at each research facility, etc.

Research Expenses to Be Borne

  1. Direct Expenses
    Direct expenses such as consumables, travel expenses, wages, utilities, etc. required for joint research

  2. Research Fees
    Thesea are the expenses required when dispatching a joint researcher from the private sector to NINS. (Annual amount of 440,000 yen * 220,000 yen within 6 months)

  3. Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Expenses
    These are expenses to promote and support the industry-academia-government collaboration of NINS, and you will be required to bear 30% of direct expenses separately.
    Click here for requests for industry-academia-government collaboration promotion expenses

Procedural Flow

  1. Application
    After confirming the contents of the application for joint research, acceptance will be decided. If there are any special requests regarding the contract details, we may have a meeting in advance.

  2. Acceptance Decision / Conclusion of Joint Research Contract
    If the acceptance decision is made, the procedure for the joint research contract will be carried out. After concluding the contract, you will be asked to start your research.

For Inquiries or Information

Please contact the following according to your needs.
If you do not know the appropriate researcher, or if you have any questions about joint research in general, please contact the following.

Contact information:

Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division, Administrative Bureau,
National Institutes of Natural Sciences

nins-sangaku★ (Please change ★ to @.)


  • Joint Research Handling Rules [PDF](Japanese only)
  • Joint research application form  [PDFWORD](Japanese only)
  • Joint research contract (template) [under preparation]

* Joint research contracts need to be dealt with individually. We will prepare a contract template, but please be sure to utilize the contract contents according to individual contents.