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Academic Consultation


Academic Consultation is the main task (NINS' task) for collaborative innovation projects such as technical guidance, supervision, and various consulting, which were difficult with existing joint research contracts and delegated research contracts.

Review of the researcher in charge

If you have decided the researcher in charge, please contact us directly. If you do not know the appropriate researcher, please contact the following.

Consultation period and consultation fee

As a general rule, the upper and lower limits of the consultation period are not set, but if you plan to have multiple consultations or consultations over several months, we ask that you conclude a joint research contract in advance.
The consultation fee will be decided after consultation with the NINS researcher in charge (20,000 yen or more per hour).


You can download the form from the following.
[PDFWORD](Japanese only)

Contact information:

Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division, Administrative Bureau,
National Institutes of Natural Sciences

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