National Institutes of Natural Sciences

For Inquiries or Information

For Inquiries

For inquiries to the National Institutes of Natural Sciences, please contact as follows.

Please contact each research institute regarding matters related to each research institute within NINS
(research content, services/projects, administrative procedures, public relations, etc.).

  1. General matters related to the National Institutes of Natural Sciences
    General Affairs Division

  2. Joint use, joint research, and industry-university-government collaboration, etc.
    Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division (Collaborative Innovation Administrator)
    03-5425-1318 / nins-sangaku★ (Please change ★ to @)

  3. Press release and general public relations
    Planning and Evaluation Section, General Affairs Division (Public Relations)
    03-5425-1898 / nins-pr★ (Please change ★ to @)

  4. About this website
    nins-kikakuhyoka★ (Please change ★ to @)