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Non-Disclosure Agreement


In carrying out collaborative innovation, we may conclude a non-disclosure agreement with a company, etc. in order to protect the intellectual property owned by both parties and maintain a smooth relationship between them.

  1. When it is necessary to disclose technology, research results, business secrets, etc. with a company, etc. before concluding a joint research, etc., and it takes time to conclude a contract.
  2. When holding a technology exchange meeting, etc. in collaborative innovation
  3. In addition, when there is a possibility of handling research results or confidential business matters

If intellectual property, etc. is created during the conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement, in principle, the ownership ratio of rights, etc. will be decided in consultation with NINS.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

We have prepared a template for a non-disclosure agreement, so please use it.

You can download the template from the following.
[PDFWORD](Japanese only)