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NINS Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative Innovation Set Out by NINS

The National Institutes of Natural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “NINS”) is one of the inter-university research institute corporations that plays a central role in academic research for researchers belonging to national, public and private universities and research institutes nationwide. Each university has state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment that are difficult to maintain and manage, intellectual infrastructure such as a huge amount of academic materials, and human resources with the knowledge necessary to use these and we provide researchers nationwide with opportunities for joint research and new field development.

Since its founding, NINS has contributed to the development of academic research in Japan by conducting these leading and effective joint research activities, and has fulfilled its mission as an inter-university research institute. NINS now wants to meet the research needs of everyone who is responsible for industries in Japan, with our accumulated history and achievements.

Mechanism of Collaborative Innovation

We will utilize the results of academic research conducted by NINS in the industrial world, and carry out research and development to meet the needs of industries. NINS promotes collaborative innovation based on contracts for academic consultation, joint research, delegated research, etc. We also operate the NINS industry-academia-government collaboration membership system for the purpose of fostering networks with industries. Refer to the NINS collaborative innovation system for more information.

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