Project Details

Delegated Research and Commissioned Researcher

Delegated Research

This research is conducted by faculty members of NINS on behalf of companies. The results of the research will be reported to the contractor.

 Expenses to Be Borne

  1. Direct Expenses
    Direct expenses such as consumables, travel expenses, rewards, etc. required for delegated research

  2. Indirect Expenses
    Indirect expenses required in connection with the performance of delegated research. You will be required to bear a considerable amount of direct expenses separately.

    Procedural Flow

    1. Application
      After confirming the contents of the delegated research application form, acceptance will be decided. If there are any special requests regarding the contract details, we may have a meeting in advance.

    2. Acceptance Decision / Conclusion of Delegated Research Contract
      If the acceptance decision is made, the procedure for the funded delegated research contract will be carried out. After concluding the contract, you will be asked to start your research.

      Handling of Research Results

      The research results will be reported to the funding companies.
      As a general rule, inventions produced as a result of delegated research belong to NINS. Regarding the implementation of patents, etc., we will respond individually based on the request of the contractor.


      • Delegated Research Handling Rules [PDF](Japanese only)
      • Delegated research application form [PDFWORD](Japanese only)
      • Delegated research contract (template) [under preparation]

      ※Delegated research contracts need to be dealt with individually. We will prepare a contract template, but please be sure to utilize the contract contents according to individual contents.

      Commissioned Researcher

      It is a system that accepts incumbent technical experts and researchers from companies, etc., provides opportunities for them to receive research guidance, and aims to improve their abilities.  


      Currently engaged in duties as a technical expert or researcher at a company, etc.
      Those who can enroll in the graduate school specified in the main text of Article 102 of the School Education Act (Act No. 26 of 1947), or those who are recognized by NINS as having academic ability equivalent to this.

      Research Period

      Within one year from the acceptance decision date
      However, it can be extended if NINS deems it necessary to extend the research period. 

      Research Expenses to Be Borne

      As per the rules of Commissioned researchers, etc. 

      Contract Procedure

      The contractor will submit the commissioned researcher application form to the head of the respective institute (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institute for Basic Biology, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, and Institute for Molecular Science) with a recommendation letter and a resume attached to the prescribed funded researcher application form at least one month before the start of research.
      After applying, we will notify the contractor that we have accepted the commissioned researcher.

      Commissioned researchers, etc. are requested to pay the research fee on the invoice issued by the NINS president. 

      Handling of Research Results

      In the event of an invention, it will be shared between NINS or the employee who gave guidance and the commissioned researcher, or belong to the commissioned researcher, depending on the degree of contribution to the invention. 

      Contact information:

      Research Support Section, Research Cooperation Division, Administrative Bureau,
      National Institutes of Natural Sciences

      nins-sangaku★ (Please change ★ to @.)


      Rules of Commissioned Researchers, Etc. [PDF] (Japanese only)
      Commissioned Application Form [PDFWORD](Japanese only)